Retail Property Management

The Cygnet West team have an impressive track record and manages over 85 properties and 550,000 sqm of new or renewed leases, across the Perth metropolitan area and in several key regional locations in WA.

This includes a wide range of assets from strip retail, neighbourhood, and subregional shopping centres – to large format centres.

Not only do we manage a large number of shopping centres, but we also specialise in the management of heritage buildings such as London Court, medical facilities including Fiona Stanley Hospital and large format assets including Rockingham Central, Joondalup Square, Brabham Common, Midland Megaplex, Busselton Home Depot and Albany Central.

We are proud to partner with key asset owners including: Primewest/Centuria, Arise Developments, Lester Group, APIL group, DiMauro Group of Companies, Platinum 28, Goldvista, Fragrance Group, Saracen Group and Serco, just to name a few.

We believe we have WA’s best team in retail management, with more than 25 experienced property professionals who are able to nurture client relationships to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our staff retention levels are the highest in the market, underpinning the consistency of our offering and our current team comprises more than 25 nationalities, speaks a multitude of languages and has an enviable record of gender and religious diversity and acceptance.

This diversity broadly mirrors the range of different cultures and languages prevalent amongst shoppers and tenants in retail assets across our portfolio.

The latest technology is key to our offering, and we have pushed the advancement of retail management technology into overdrive, with the equivalent of seven years of progress since 2019.

Cygnet West offer a mix of technologies, which we believe is at least two generations ahead of other offerings in the market. We have powerful capabilities in this area, and are committed to continuously improving our suite of technology on a regular basis.

Our agility and commitment to innovation as an organisation means Cygnet West can adapt and assimilate technology much more quickly than our counterparts, and our current suite of management tools is unsurpassed in the market.

This allows us to optimise the management of our clients’ assets, with customisable consultancy and transparent performance reports, allowing landlords to identify poorly performing assets and evaluate the options to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our CEO Imran Mohiuddin says: “I have no doubt that we have the best people, the best tools and the best client relationships in the WA property sector.”

Our team is passionate about managing assets well, driving excellence in operation and working collaboratively across all departments to ensure our clients are provided with a total asset management solution.

Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hillarys, WA


Lisa Jansen

Head of Retail Property Management | Retail Property Management