Innovative leaders in real estate technology!

Our vision as an independent Western Australian firm is to:

  • To be an Innovative, Agile, Customer Focused, and Responsive agency.
  • Deliver customer valued processes with constant evaluation and improvement considering their efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.
  • Increase staff productivity and streamline business operations.
  • Automate our processes, dramatically reducing the time spent on day-to-day tasks.
  • Allow ourselves and our clients to make improved, data- driven solutions through key data and visualisations.

Cloud-based technologies with easy integration are the backbone of our software suite. We use these to connect the financial and reporting systems belonging to us and our clients for maximum transparency and flexibility.

With this approach we can provide customised consultancy in conjunction with performance reports to identify poorly performing assets and identify evidence-based solutions to our Clients and their Tenants. Our cloud-based software is automatically updated giving us and our clients access to the latest cutting edge of real estate technology.

We give our clients the power to make informed decisions on their assets through access to this suite by giving them access to extensive real-time information.

Join James Katz, Key Account Manager at MRI Software and Denis Leane, Chief Financial Officer at Cygnet West in the recent webinar: Discover how Cygnet West revolutionised data visibility, client reporting, and operational efficiency (


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Innovative leaders in real estate technology!