Embracing Independence and Innovation in the Real Estate Market

Cygnet West’s ambition to be an independent and innovative company led us to seek the agility to respond effectively to our customers’ needs. Recognising the importance of technology in our operations, we realised the need for a technological overhaul to support our new direction in 2022 and better serve our clients. Upgrading data visibility, reporting systems, and overall efficiency became central to our restructuring process.


Empowering Clients with Better Access and Automation:

In pursuit of best-in-breed technology solutions, Cygnet West decided to partner with MRI Software, a renowned provider of property management solutions. With MRI’s PMX, a cloud-based solution offering transparent data access and real-time reporting, investors and clients were empowered to make informed decisions without waiting for month-end reports.

The digital transformation brought numerous benefits, including increased efficiencies, allowing the team to focus on adding value to client assets and nurturing tenant relationships. By implementing MRI’s PMX and integrating their other best in class software’s, Cygnet West significantly enhanced client service and communication.

Additionally, Cygnet West designed tailored training sessions for clients, providing custom presentations that addressed individual needs and highlighted the benefits and key features of the cloud-based systems. Clients now enjoy real-time updates through their personalised dashboards, providing them with unprecedented access to essential data.


Embracing Technology for a Promising Future:

As Cygnet West looks to the future, we recognise the critical role of technology in the real estate market. Factors like ESG considerations, post-pandemic trends, and housing scarcity are shaping the industry, demanding greater reliance on technology to unlock new opportunities for stakeholders. We remain committed to leveraging Proptech solutions to stay at the forefront of innovation and serve the needs of the evolving market.

Cygnet West’s bold move towards independence and innovation has redefined its position in Western Australia’s commercial real estate market. Partnering with MRI Software and implementing best-in-breed solutions has resulted in enhanced data visibility, improved communication, and operational efficiency. By embracing technology and adapting to market trends, Cygnet West remains well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the real estate industry, ensuring continued success in the years to come.


You can also view the recording of the webinar, hosted by MRI Software here: Discover how Cygnet West revolutionised data visibility, client reporting, and operational efficiency (mrisoftware.com)