Facilities Management

At Cygnet West, we offer end-to-end facilities management solutions for commercial, industrial, retail, and strata-managed buildings in Western Australia.

Our services include maintenance planning, compliance obligations, procurement, contractor management, and onsite facilities management. We prioritise safety and regulatory compliance and use a dedicated compliance tracking system to ensure site health and safety. Partner with us to exceed your property management expectations.

At Cygnet West, we are aware that managing a property entails more than just upholding its aesthetic appeal. Expert knowledge, the seamless integration of numerous services, and a pro-active strategy for assuring safety and compliance are all necessary. Our Facilities Management Division is committed to providing high-quality and reliable services to more than 500,000 square metres of commercial, industrial, retail, and strata-managed buildings in Western Australia.


At Cygnet West, we offer end-to-end facilities management solutions for commercial, industrial, retail, and strata-managed buildings in Western Australia.

Our Services

Cygnet West offers a full range of services designed to meet your unique property management needs, including:

  • Facilites Management outsourcing
  • Maintenance planning and programs
  • Compliance obligations
  • Service agreements
  • Procurement services
  • Onsite facilities management services
  • Contractor management


Facilities Management Outsourcing

Here at Cygnet West, we work to achieve the ideal fusion of cutting-edge technology and streamlined facilities management solutions. By offering creative, long-lasting, and affordable business strategies that support your objectives, we hope to strengthen your company and free up your time to concentrate on your key skills. We guarantee that our clients receive the best standard of service and assistance thanks to our many years of experience and sector-leading expertise.

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Facilities Management Outsourcing


Safety and Compliance

The cornerstones of our facilities management strategy are safety and compliance. Our staff are always working to reduce risk by handling regulatory compliance issues and assuring site health and safety. To track important performance indicators for all crucial operations, including but not limited to lift services, electrical services, fire-related services, HVAC water and air quality testing, hydraulic services, and building safety, we use a dedicated compliance tracking system.


Specialised Solutions 

Our team of experts is committed to offering each client individualized help by drawing on our collective wealth of knowledge and expertise. To provide a high level of service, we work together with trained professionals in project management, accredited consultants, town planning, and architecture.


Competitive Advantage

Choosing Cygnet West as your facilities management partner comes with a number of major benefits, including:

  • Flexible fees based on the extent of coordination services
  • Prompt, distinctive, and customised local service from a big company
  • Constant development based on client input


Leading Property Solutions Team

Partnering with You for Successful Property Management

Cygnet West in Western Australia provides asset consultancy, sustainability services, e-commerce, and facilities and project management. Our objective is to exceed your expectations in every manner while giving your property a competitive advantage.

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