Facilities Management

Facilities Management is an essential strategic business function that integrates people, place, process, and technology within the built environment with the purpose of ensuring safe and welcoming environments for residents and visitors.

Our highly experienced team provide business-orientated solutions inclusive of comprehensive technical, analytical, and managerial support for a broad range of needs relating to a client’s facility management requirements.

Our team is a balanced blend of highly experienced staff and motivated professionals with extensive industry knowledge that are focused on delivering excellent results for every asset.


Facilities Management Approach:

  • Maintenance planning and programs
  • Compliance obligations
  • Service agreements
  • Procurement services
  • Onsite facilities management services
  • Contractor management

We conduct detailed assessments of estimates for repairing building envelopes, finishes, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, grounds, code and accessibility requirements. When we have documented the magnitude and the impact of deferred maintenance, we work with clients to assign relative priorities and develop manageable capital and operating budget strategies.


We Support You Every Step of the Way

Our combined wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to tailor our service depending on the circumstances of each client.

  • We are aligned with qualified staff in project management, accredited consultants, town planning and architecture and are able to provide a professional level of service.
  • There is flexibility in our rate depending on the scope of the coordinating services needed which makes us more competitive in the market.
  • Our clients receive a prompt, unique ‘local’ personal service, branching from a large organisation.
  • We believe your perception of our performance is the reality and we welcome your feedback as a vital ingredient in continuously improving our service.

We are WA’s leading property solutions team, inclusive of facilities and project management, sustainability services, e-commerce and asset consulting. Our goal is to give your property every advantage in today’s competitive marketplace and ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded in every possible way.

The Towers, Barrack Square, Perth, WA


Alan Pettigrew

Senior Project Manager | Facilities and Project Management

Patrick Carrascosa

Associate Director | Facilities and Project Management

Paul Teraci

Director | Commercial Property Management