Commercial Leasing

Our expert leasing team are passionate about delivering the desired property outcomes for both our clients and prospective tenants. We thrive in creating solutions based on a comprehensive understanding and experience of issues impacting both landlords and tenants.

The leasing department are an energetic, diverse and enthusiastic team who form part of the generational shift in the workforce. This allows the team to make considered recommendations on refurbishment programs, by getting involved in the “nitty gritty” design aspects of building refurbishment and fit out programs we ensure that our clients are appealing to the next generation of occupiers. Being able to relate with the majority of our potential tenants and the new wave of decision makers puts us in a strong position to make confident recommendations to our clients, including other new ‘out of the box’ ideas to stay ahead of the curve. Being market experts we naturally provide detailed recommendations on rental rates and structure of new leases to ensure they align with each specific asset strategy.

When the Perth leasing team are appointed as exclusive leasing agents, our clients receive the resources, energy, and expertise from the entire team, rather than just one or two of the agents. Our ability to do this is a result of years of cultivating the right team culture with a team and client first mentality. This approach encourages a full transfer of information across the department, which allows us to capture a larger pool of tenants across all markets, resulting in more lease deals for our clients.

Last financial year our team leased 42,074 sqm of office space of which 87% were transactions completed direct to tenants (without a tenant representative).