Property Manager of the Year 2022 – Congratulations to Michelle Lambley

Michelle Lambley, Cygnet West Director, Retail Management Services is a highly deserving recipient of this award.

With almost three decades of experience in the retail property sector, Michelle has been responsible for driving operational excellence to optimise the performance of clients’ assets as well as implementing business strategic plans and marketing strategies on substantial portfolios.

She has expertise in complex stakeholder liaison, project development, leasing and marketing, along with a strong financial understanding of both cash and accrual accounting. In addition, Michelle has a comprehensive knowledge of the Commercial Tenancy Act (Retail Shops).

Michelle’s accomplishments include:

  • Implementation of a casual leasing policy in WA for Westfield shopping centres and exceeding the annual budgets over the assets.
  • Successful negotiation and implementation of a voluntary community security agreement with lessees at a major tourist destination.
  • Revival of the Masters’ Cup Regatta.
  • Immediate implementation of Covid agreements and assistance to over 120 tenants, resulting in no tenant closures during that period.

Michelle regularly receives positive feedback from asset owners and managers like this from Donna West, Department for Planning and Infrastructure:

“Some of Michelle’s personal characteristics that make her well suited to the Property Manager role include her dedication to her work and her passion. I have found Michelle to be very approachable and to complete work efficiently and effectively in all property related areas.”

Not only does Michelle pride herself on the output she delivers to her owners daily – she is a great mentor to the team and constantly looking to find avenues to optimise the service Cygnet West delivers to all our clients, whilst ensuring ongoing improvements and efficiencies across each retail asset Cygnet West manages.

Michelle has paved the way for women to move into Senior Management positions, something which was rare when she commenced her career in property in the mid-1990’s.